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Corey Greengage came up in a special era for Seattle skateboarding. As a kid he fanned out on Manik Skateboards and Vics Market crew,
idolizing Seattle legends like Cory Kennedy and Jordan Sanchez. He has had photos published in both Transworld Skateboarding and Thrasher.

About the shop

With the blessing from 35th Avenue in Federal Way, 35th North (hence the name) opened up in 2001 in the University District of Seattle. That first location was a 300ft room with no windows next door to a tattoo shop above a used record shop. It was tiny, we had a row of decks, row of shoes and some trucks and wheels. It was our spot for when security was a little too hot at neighboring Red Square. In 2003 we got the opportunity to move and open up on Capitol Hill, where we have been for the last 17 years. Even though the neighborhood might have changed a little, we love what we do, where we do it and who we do it for. 

For a much deeper history of "35th" click the link below.